PROJECT 1 – AO unfortunate result


The team was not rewarded !!!

More than the 12th place during the opening race of the WEC season in Sebring, was not in the cards for drivers PJ Hyett, Gunnar Jeannette and Matteo Cairoli. Relatively early in the race, PROJECT 1 – AO’s excellently prepared Porsche RSR 19 collided with a competitor and from then on the team fell behind. The team made the most of “the injured car”, but it was not good enough to play a significant role.
Platinum driver Matteo Cairoli commented, “From that moment it was a painful race for us, we had all the bad luck you can have as a race team. So I am very disappointed with the result, we came for the podium and we leave without points. We worked hard as a team for ten days and this result doesn’t do justice to that.” Cairoli went on to say in perspective, that it is “only the beginning of the season and there are still many races to come to compensate for this result and this disappointment”.

Team Principal Axel Funke looks back on the first race of the season with the same feeling. He saw a highly motivated team working hard and also saw that drivers and technicians grew towards each other in the ample week that PROJECT 1 – AO was in Sebring. “The good and hard work in recent weeks did not lead to a top result during the first race of the season. But we found some options technically and tactically during the test and practice sessions, which means I know we can be at the front again next time,” Axel Funke said.

That next time will then be race two in Portugal’s Portimao on 16 April.